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Reviews for "~Echo~ Eternity (WIP)"

I know you aren't a part of my competition anymore, but I remember I really liked your piece from last year (My World), so I decided to check this out anyway. This is excellent. I love the dreamy quality and the progression. I can tell that you carefully considered the volume/filter automations, and I loved the minimalistic drop at 1:20 and how you transitioned out of it back into a more atmospheric style. I thought the mixing, overall, was very good. It's long, but it also has a flowing, even drone-like quality that makes both its title and its length seem rather fitting. At the same time, I think you could've done a lot more with sections like 2:15 - 3:30, during which there isn't a lot of variation. Still, the progression and mood of this piece are almost unbeatable. You have a good sense of rhythm, harmony, and structuring. There's A LOT of reverb in there, but I think it was fitting for your purposes here. I thought the ending was a little melodramatic and perhaps rushed. I would've appreciated a more serene conclusion more, I think. Still, overall I like this piece a lot. Best of luck in the NGADM, my friend. ;)

aliaspharow responds:

Thank you so much for your Extended review TaintedLogic :) I really appreciate everything you had to say. I think you are right about the breakdown, I could of added more in there but i chose not too because I honestly couldn't think of anything that built on the chord structure of the song and didn't sound out of place. I probably will try again after reading this review as it has been about a week since I've worked on this. Also I have to agree with you about the ending. I was more intent in fitting the bass pattern of 5:50 than ending the song in a awe... Most often i finish the track with a pattern that was in the beggining or transitioning into the breakdown section and in this track i chose the latter... although it does leave more to be desired. Hopefull I will be able to change that as well.

Again thank you so much for your constructive criticism and your encouraging remarks :)

If you liked My World then I think you would really like my new track "Leap of Faith" that i just released

This is awesome. Just amazing. The over-reverbed (or in my opinion, over-reverbed) piano made me wonder if this was gonna be just another ok song. but then the arpeggio happened, and I wondered no more. Then the sidechain buildup! Then the Bass. I love the bass you used, along with the kick. (I love the kick :P) I don't have anything else to say, besides: Fantastic entry to the NGAUC, and I know you'll do great.

love the trance-ish feel im getting from the beginningm those arps are the shizz, love how it sounds with a big bass, that bass rumble in the back flows perfectly with the melody aswell, really nice combination of elements! keep it up.

best of luck in the "N G A U C" !!
- Pandasticality

This "tranceish flyaway vibe is very strong, had to grip the arms of my chair, awesome stuff!

aliaspharow responds:

lol thanks, hope you had a nice trip

its been a while Alias, or should i say Simon, or do you prefer Forespace. im just teasing you.
On a side note, im following you for some time now from a far distance and its also been some time since ive really really liked one of your latest submission.
But, thats very understandable.. latest issue.
The progression this piece has to offer really shows off(no wonder b'cause: Aliaspharow).
Quality beyond anything before, from you(for real).
I guess im speechless because, you are doing so friggin good.
Really if i could pat your back/shoulder right now, i'd hit you through a stone wall(jk).

aliaspharow responds:

D-Chain! :D I am honored by your appreciation my good friend. The updated version is slightly better and i still have some ideas in mind to keep the song going forward. some involve changing large sections so hopefully that will pan out nicely.