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Reviews for "~Echo~ Eternity (WIP)"

This makes me shaky about even auditioning for the deathmatch haha. This is fantastic structurally, musically, and mix-wise. There's a lot of common stuff in here that's hard to make not sound cheesy, but you definitely pulled it off. Really nice!

Piano synths aren't usually my thing, but you made fantastic use of it, and I love your bass. Beautiful track, and fantastic chord progression. Those arps laid in there superbly, and side-chaining was perfect. Thank you.

Gorgeous, positive music. Snare at around 3:45 could have been given a bit more life, but it didn't stick out, so no complaint. Keep at it!

Welp,that's my confidence for the competition gone!

Haha,well this is an amazing track great key's and just overall,Great! I'll be seeing you as a rival from now on,so watch out!

Very VERY well done. This reminds me of the trance song I did (THOUGH MUCH BETTER) I love the gated sidechain efect leading into the first drop. I WAS LITERALLY like HOLY SHIAT. I love the vibe all the way the throughout. Love the super delay. Love the super reverb, it fits for this song. Love the chord progression, a true masterpiece. And masterfully mixed. Good luck in the NGADM Comp my fellow compettitor!

The piano on this is AMAZING. Best of luck to you in the NGADM competition!