Reviews for "Metal Slug: SPJ 'Teaser'"


teaser of the title lol. check out Street Fighter X Sonic by MetaMike. I think the author of this game will like it. has tons of Metal Slug Stuff


Well this was notbad I do like your style and love these animations with all the shiny stuff you bring some nice visuals to the screen here and it's a pleasure but I do have to say this one was a tad bit short so maybe you can expand on this make it longer put in more scenes and just show more on what to expect in some full version but I will say that this was a beautiful piece of work with some really nice stuff going on

Make it longer much much longer expand on to it


Hm, that wasn't really much of a "teaser". You should have added a little more to it such as some random scenes and/or large captions onscreen explaining what the full movie is going to be about. That would be a good way to grab the attention of viewers and make them want to watch the complete movie when it's available (just an idea). Still, I'm curious to see how the final product will turn out.

That was... shorter than I expected! Feels more like an introduction than a real 'teaser', with text but no animation at all... ends suddenly too. Though, does give me a taste for the full thing.