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Reviews for "DER's VERSE"

This is a very good game, if I do say so myself.

It's amazing... the characters don't speak at all, there's no story, and yet it's an amazing experience the first time around.

Yes, it can be annoying at times, and the purple platforms go a tad bit faster than they move you, but your creation is good in every other way. Not excellent in the sense of Final Fantasy or Metroid, though. It's a casual game. And that's just how I tend to roll.

Four stars. Please make a sequel.

LTPATS responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I would like to make a sequel or something at some point, but until then my game You Only Need One is sort of a spiritual successor to this game and was built off of similar ideas that sparked DER's VERSE. It has its own shortcomings as well, but I'm hoping that someday I'll get it just right and nail it!

Great game, only problem is that I can't figure out what blue does, so I'm stuck.

fun game... sorta it gets very hard and laggy for me when I get to the purple moving things... I will get applejack and see if she will play it! :D I'll say its better than Last Stand in my opinion well you got a 3.5 star rating from me, bye!

I don't know how many lonelly troll's games I've played today.

I don't see a point in this game, just walk around doing nothing .-.