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Reviews for "DER's VERSE"

I don't see a point in this game, just walk around doing nothing .-.

no music or sounds u walk ever then you stop using wasd take time to jump no story no intro end is idiot with nothing

LTPATS responds:

There is actually sound and music, did you click "yes" at the beginning when asked if you wanted sound? In game you can press N and M to mute / unmute sound and music respectively.

That being said the music is very quiet, this was mostly because it competed too much with the sound effects when I made it louder.

fun game... sorta it gets very hard and laggy for me when I get to the purple moving things... I will get applejack and see if she will play it! :D I'll say its better than Last Stand in my opinion well you got a 3.5 star rating from me, bye!

Not sure what to do, the controls are glitchy and the game has no major focus....