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Reviews for "Storm Saws"

Needs a MUTE button

To be honest at first the controls (lack of diagonals) annoyed me but after the first few hundred plays i got used to it and started to enjoy it. I loved the music and staring into the characters eyes can be eerily distracting and get you killed. It took me like a million tries just to this that 10 mark but its actually pretty fun and I give you props for making it so I dont have to click a million things to start another game, it made me actually like playing your game over and over and over and well you get it. -1 star for no diagonals but other than that great game.

this is very good but in the list there should be a upgrade slot. But everything is good, also the music keeps you focus.

Pretty good skill / avoid game with an interesting back story!
I enjoyed earning all of the medals and avoiding the saws, but I did notice one big flaw.
When I died, there was no way to start a new game without refreshing the page.
Or am I missing something?
Other than that this was a decent game.

It's a somewhat fun, but very bleak survival game with little incentive to play anymore than 5 minutes.

The player gets to watch what is basically the last minutes of an adventure time character before he becomes inevitable sashimi; with the only reprieve coming from the split second you get from the little blue cherry bomb guys that pop up from time to time.

Maybe just have the smaller saws just nick the character as oppose to kill him outright, maybe some fire saws, chainsaws, etc.

I do like the character design though.