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Reviews for "Storm Saws"

Needs a MUTE button

To be honest at first the controls (lack of diagonals) annoyed me but after the first few hundred plays i got used to it and started to enjoy it. I loved the music and staring into the characters eyes can be eerily distracting and get you killed. It took me like a million tries just to this that 10 mark but its actually pretty fun and I give you props for making it so I dont have to click a million things to start another game, it made me actually like playing your game over and over and over and well you get it. -1 star for no diagonals but other than that great game.

this is very good but in the list there should be a upgrade slot. But everything is good, also the music keeps you focus.

yep, game is funny. but every time I die I have to reload the page to start again (and this takes a while)...

How do you get the "Here Comes The Boom" medal?