Reviews for "Little Red Riding Hood"

Very cute and very simple i liked it.

Interesting game.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first played it but I quickly got hooked to it. Simple yet fun to play, nice music and good animation.

Can't wait to see the sequel.

This game was really excellent to play, very simple gameplay but challenging levels, really great graphics, nice music. I loved every minute I played this game, and cannot wait for a sequel.


- we need a reward of some sort for collecting every item, as I managed to do (alternate ending, or even just an achievement system with some NG medals ?)
- the last level should not lead to an unskippable scene every time we finish it (because of hoarders like me who enjoy trying some levels again and again until they get every item in it)
- you must explain that ONE DOES NOT NEED TO GET EVERY COLLECTIBLE IN ONE SINGLE RUN OF A LEVEL. I know that's what I first believed, and I ended frustrated and a bit pissed of like Mister Thickfreakness just below this review. Once you know that, you can appreciate the placement and the camera movements, and you manage to see that the first thing you should try is getting the flowers, because they give you most of the trajectories for one of the possible ways to finish the level.

Excellent game anyway, there are just minor corrections to make.

great original gameplay style, i liked the animation/art and the music but i would like if you would put some medals for the game.

and isnt the petals and apples' hitbox kinda small?
i mean sometimes u might move near them but u dont get them

Not bad, but I don't really like the gravity of the main character.
But I love the animation, all little monster. :)

Good game !