Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

This is a classic game for the rest. Soft music, beautiful graphics, flight ...

Of course, the game could be better, but now is good.

Nice game. The controls should be a little more responsive, but they aren't too bad. One last complaint, please make a better ending. I do like the music and the idea behind it was fun. Just fix a few things and it will be worth 5 stars.

I think you have a great idea here but I think you need to space out the islands, scale the objects size down a bit so that there is more space to move around.

Pretty good game. The only real fault is that it's too short!

The autorrs seem to possess a very confident sense of style and the technical and aesthetic know-how to make it work.
The graphics are very vivid and very retro. It includes all the best elements of classic high-fantasy. The soundtrack goes perfectly along and, when playing, you can easily forget or ignore that it's just a loop.
The gameplay is more or less what you'd expect from a classic side-scrolling shooter. Some more enemy variation as well as more and slower character customization/progression would be great!

All in all, I'd give this 4/5 stars for what it is. It is short, but it certainly accomplishes its goal, technically speaking. I would love to see the concept expanded into a full, proper game with non-random maps(or some very clever procedural generation) and increasing difficulty and variation--and perhaps even a story to match the aesthetics! It has potential to develop into a GREAT game of its genre.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can't save up your money. You can only buy things with the money you made on your latest attempt. So if there's an expensive item, you gotta make that much money in one run. Also, the achievements are all for what you can do in a single run, never for cumulative amounts.

I'm sure everyone's biggest complaint is that you can't continue after you win the game to get all the upgrades and achievements.

Also, you might wanna fix it so that you can't go off the sides of the screen by holding down the mouse button.