Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

Pretty good game. The only real fault is that it's too short!

The autorrs seem to possess a very confident sense of style and the technical and aesthetic know-how to make it work.
The graphics are very vivid and very retro. It includes all the best elements of classic high-fantasy. The soundtrack goes perfectly along and, when playing, you can easily forget or ignore that it's just a loop.
The gameplay is more or less what you'd expect from a classic side-scrolling shooter. Some more enemy variation as well as more and slower character customization/progression would be great!

All in all, I'd give this 4/5 stars for what it is. It is short, but it certainly accomplishes its goal, technically speaking. I would love to see the concept expanded into a full, proper game with non-random maps(or some very clever procedural generation) and increasing difficulty and variation--and perhaps even a story to match the aesthetics! It has potential to develop into a GREAT game of its genre.

The game was a bit short in my opinion and I felt like there could of been more things added to the game. There should of been more upgrades and more levels since the game does tend to get a bit boring getting further in, the obstacles in the game provide a somewhat good amount of challenge to reaching the end and trying to attack everything in your path. The game could of had some replay value to it as well. All-in-all I give the game a 3 star.

It's a bit short, though the upgrades help you make it through there's little pay off. The action scrolls too quickly that you find yourself just ignoring the enemies crashing into the obstacles just to collect the power ups. Points for animation and art design and I did enjoy the Godzilla scream when you don't make it through. It's good though it just needs more levels.

Arghh… play this game well on the work, after the chief went to his fucking office. Fuck difficult action shooters. I want to rest and relaxation. I want the seaa...

It's kind of too easy.