Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

Классная задумка, игра сделана на отлично, спасибо автору.

The game is ok I d like it it's jut that cus im a girl their should be selciton of characters to choose from like a princess riding a horse or a dragon

Очень хорошая игра! 5 из 5

хорошая игра очень)

Good game, great artwork, no faults, just very short and easy. I think you should spend more time on this one, make it longer and even more enemies, maybe some bosses, more upgrades, customization, etc. and I could really see this being a huge game. One thing I found to be less than appreciated is I got to the end, had a whole lot of lanterns and didn't even get the opportunity to fully upgrade myself and couldn't enter the shop and have another go at it even though I had completed it. So I had to restart and lose lanterns and found myself killing myself before I met 3 minutes just so I could fully upgrade myself to experience the game fully upgraded. But that's it, and I still really loved it:) Nice job.