Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

I don't like it.. it just one stage of avoiding and firing on things.. :/

The interesting thing about this game is that you can't save up your money. You can only buy things with the money you made on your latest attempt. So if there's an expensive item, you gotta make that much money in one run. Also, the achievements are all for what you can do in a single run, never for cumulative amounts.

I'm sure everyone's biggest complaint is that you can't continue after you win the game to get all the upgrades and achievements.

Also, you might wanna fix it so that you can't go off the sides of the screen by holding down the mouse button.

It has very little that makes it different from other flight shooters, ignoring the (visually pleasing) graphics. This alone isn't bad for you can still make a good game from recycled concepts if levels and difficulty are done well. Sadly, that isn't the case.

There is a grand total of two enemy types and one level. Worse yet, you have to play that level over and over until you reach a certain distance, at which point the game simply gives you a victory screen for your effort. It isn't even a good victory screen showing an artistically talented image of the dragon or something you are supposed to conquer, or something. No, just the word VICTORY and a few basic fireworks. When none of the upgrades feel unique, special or game-altering in any way, you really want something for your time playing a game that quickly becomes tedious.

There are a few redeeming qualities, at least. For some reason I really like the art style of the game. Even though the dragon is low in pixels it is visually pleasing, as well as other aspects. There was a lot of potential with the fact that the game is both mouse controlled and your aim changes as you move up and down, but none of the enemies are really complicated enough where I had or could use the potential tactics this control system allows for both dodging and returning fire. And I won't deny that there were a few bullet hell-like moments I enjoyed. Unfortunately, the flaws are greater than the strengths.

It is a nice little time wasting game, but you should add medals,more characters,and more levels.

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