Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

My god am i dissapointed.
took me 3 tries, to not only get ALL upgrades, but actually finish the game..
The level is only 3 minutes long, and theres no more after that.

Delay on friggin' LANTERN pickup?

Overall, this game is a poor attempt, of something i cant even mention..
it gets 1 star, for graphics, and thats it.

Keep collecting lantern and fight dragon and magician in the castle are quite boring and nothing new.And WHY dragon need lantern??It can be gold coin,jewel,diamond but definitely not the god damn lantern :/

it's nothing new or special... the physics of the game are not very convincing. collecting items has a delayed effect and upgrading effects leave little for wanting to go any further. No bosses??? it's kist avoiding and getting to the end. very anti-climatic.

also is it me or does it bother anyone else that it's a western style dragon but it's collecting Lanterns, an eastern style type of item?

Unplayable for me as soon as I hit play the screen kept changing between Shop, Credits, Pause menu and achievements at a ridiculously fast pace.

Cool art style and music. I really like dragon flight feedback. Other than that, it's dull and shooting is awkward.