Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

Very nice! It's an old mechanic, but the medieval fiction gives it a new twist and fits quite well with it.

Gameplay is decent, despite the controls feeling a little hard to maintain.

funny time-killer.
nice graphics.

Generic side scrolling shooter, but in a more flying environment. My advice is to edit the controls a bit, as the mouse can be a bit off in this kind of game, WASD works well. Otherwise good game

I like these sort of games and normally am happy to just fly for several minutes before beating it, so I was quite disappointed in it only taking 3 minutes, and I hadn't bought everything. Also, there were way too few items to buy. The controls should be a little more responsive, but they aren't too bad. One last complaint, please make a better ending! I do like the music and the idea behind it was fun. Just fix a few things and it will be worth 5 stars.