Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

dragons are cool, but the game is terribly boring. 3 stars, two of which are for the fact of dragons presence

Well-presented game, plays well.
The only problem seems to be that if you 'win' early, you don't get the option to upgrade, so you have to play to get a few 100 points, crash in to a few rocks, upgrade the weapon and go again.

I absolutely love games with graphics like this it reminds me of a better era of videogames when sonic was around the good one not the new ones thank you so much for making this game.

This was a fun game, fluent controls and animations, a good selection of upgrades, smooth music, visual sceneries and best of all: dragons! Don't think I've ever flown a dragon before, I like the idea.

One thing that'd make this a bit more rewarding, i think, is more mayhem. Ability to shoot even the floating islands down would be nice, and bigger explosions when you shoot the magicians and other dragons, even when they go down they're still there, so that could be more satisfying. Medals would be nice too, or highscores, but it is great as it is. Keep it going!


Nice Concept and Gameplay.
I like the old games about pirates treasures and dragons.
Nice stay during operation.