Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

the ending could have been better with actual phares you saved the kingdom below the victory sign and perhaps bringing you to the menu or the upgrade menu

I thought you guys did a really good job with the graphics, the music was simple but effective, and the animations were smooth. Unfortunately this is just not a fun or challenging game. The fact that both your movement and aim are controlled the same way (via the mouse) makes it very impractical to actually fight any other dragons or the wizard towers. I was able to beat this game no problem just by flying through and avoiding everything. There are too many shields/health power ups throughout the level so I actually had to try to miss them in order to die. I think you have a great idea here but I think you need to space out the islands, scale the objects size down a bit so that there is more space to move around and take out some of the health/shields. Also, having separate move/aim (e.g., move with arrow keys aim with mouse) would be a huge improvement. Stick with it! I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Glitched! The is the second time opening it up to find the menu blinking wildly to different menu screens disallowing my mouse to select anything! & now that its been running like this for a minute while I write this, the music is looping on top of itself too! I can't give your game a fair rating if it won't let me start it!

it is very cool!!