Reviews for "The Dragons Adventure"

This is a classic game for the rest. Soft music, beautiful graphics, flight ...

Of course, the game could be better, but now is good.

It was way too short and way too easy. It felt more like a demo than a full game. So what's with the "until you win your ultimate battle thing"? You just survive for three minutes and then you win. What ultimate battle?
Other than that the music was good but repetitive, upgrades served almost no purpose because the game is already to easy, and it was annoying to have the moving and aiming attached to the same mechanic. With some fine-tuning and removal of the endgame, this could be a halfway decent app.

Not bad, but anyone else notice the Godzilla screech when you die?

Why am I told to fly over islands? Nothing is gained, it seems the only thing that happens is that I get damaged. One thing to note: Don't have your tutorial tell your player what not to do by telling them to do that exact thing, unless you correct their mistake. "You see? Flying over the island caused damage. Avoid them whenever possible!" I killed myself a number of times just trying to see if I could "break" the islands since they shake when flown over. I have to assume the only thing that happens is the dragon is damaged, but the game never says that. The dragon is sluggish to respond to controls, and the cost for upgrades seems too high. Then again, this is supposed to be a game of repetition, in which the player knows he will die, but struggles to get further on each attempt; that being said, DO NOT have the high score submission popup appear every single time the player beats his previous high. We are SUPPOSED to die frequently, it's insanely annoying to get this popup each time we even slightly improve.

Also, it is assumed that the shield protects the dragon from damage. This isn't true. The islands sometimes hurt the player, and sometimes do not. I can fly over the same island five times, and only get damaged twice. It just seems random. Additionally, if the game involves moving the mouse cursor a great deal, it would be wise to constrain the cursor to the window. Too easily my cursor left the game window, making my dragon run into obstacles or get shot.

It's a good start for a game, but I feel that it's too unpolished to give a high score to. 5/10.

Extremely fun game. Loved itGraphics are cartoon-ish in a sense, cartoonish enough that they attract the eye but not so …