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Reviews for "F5"

I think this "game" honestly belongs in the movie section, as it was a fairly interesting take at story telling, but was sadly immensely lacking as a game. The concept was fascinating, and I thought it quite clever to produce a game where you tried to reset with a common reset tool, and still failed until the end. Sadly the lack of choice, and player decision ruins this as a "game" for me. I feel no connection with the character, and I don't really care that much about his life. The journey was nice, but it was very lackluster. My movements, my everything were meaningless to the game. The only thing that makes the game progress or for anything to happen is the F5 key. Lastly, despite the fact that I said the F5 key was a nice touch, it did lag my computer somewhat. I would suggest instead switching it to a letter key so I don't have to reload the page each time. It was very frustrating. This game would probably be a 4-5 star interactive book if it had great art, music and voice acting for sure.

I loved it.
A very interesting concept.

i love the story! the ending is sad tho when he is still alone :(
the only problem is that i feel like all you do is click refresh even the walking is useless except the very first and last parts. i wish there was more to do besides just read the sentence, refresh, read, refresh, etc.