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Reviews for "F5"

i didn't use f5 because i have a mac

A game? Well, this is in the game section. I hoped for a song in this one, just to add the more depressing feeling. But that means refreshing the page over and over would kill it, so I get why there is no music in the back. The total point of this short flash didn't as struck me to the core, though. Maybe because it lacked more vibe to it? In any case, I really liked how you made a whole new way of interaction to a game! Very creative.

This was an interesting "game" and I liked it overall. I say "game" because it's more like an interactive story, which is cool. The only qualms I have with this is that refreshing the page becomes a bit tiresome after a while, at least in my case, and I have problems with my internet connection, but I'm rambling. This was overall an interesting look at regret and identity. Not bad.

It was a really neat concept, just the point that the F5 key would do that is pretty cool, and who knows what else you could do with it if you were to make another game.

... Alright then lol. I guess it's interesting that it recognizes refreshes and goes on to the next scene. Though it can be really annoying to have to refresh all the time, especially for people who have slow connections since they wouldn't even really be able to get to the end with that unique picture portrait anyways. Also, it's pretty bland overall and not too entertaining.. While it may have been a lot more work, could have had a better background or more colors at the very least. I would say music but if you had to refresh all the time not sure how well audio would work out. So, it was interesting to say the least but I personally do not think much of it.