Reviews for "Zos"

The only bad thing I can say about this game is... What happened with NPCs names? Another thing that I would like to say is that this game is good enough to be made like a desktop game. I've played desktop games much worst than this game.
Music: Quite cool.
Game mechanics / gameplay: Very original and entertaining.
Graphics: Beautiful.

Great game! And here I was thinking I was just going to play smth for half an hour. Once you start playing it, you better have some free time on your hands because it's almost certain that you'll end up playing it until you finish it.

It's lots of fun - challenging & interesting enough that it's not boring, yet pretty easy to play (you won't end up rage quitting it).

This game was fun. Not very difficult but that didn't matter because I found myself immersed in the simple story and reminded a bit of both classic NES games and old adventures games on PC.

Only issue I had was on The planet Lyelei or whatever inside the thing.... When I lit the orb there was an error/bug and I ended up locked in a platform and had to reset to my last save point.

All around though great work.

Man, this game is so much awesomeness!
Metroidvania styled games are hard not to like, and everything in this game is really well done, great stuff.
Also, the music is genius, props to wandschrank. It sounds like a mash up between NES and Sega Master System music, which is really cool and not a style I hear put together a lot.
Anyway, great job on this game guys.
I really hope to see more games like this from you in the future.
Keep up the awesome work!

Great work guys! The music is effin' badass too. Controls felt a little sticky here and there, but it didn't seem to effect my gameplay experience. Great color scheme too, really good work gentlemen.