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Reviews for "Zos"

I have encountered a bug on the industria planet, if you go left, you will encounter a creature and i guess it gives a health increase but nothing happens

Asvegren responds:

No bug - you received 3 x Restore Health potions

Great to see you are featured. Controls are odd a bit and pletformer mechanic not perfect (where are oneway platforms). But game is really great.

This game was okay. Mixing potions was an interesting idea and the controls felt good to me. No problems with the platforming so all is good there.

The story was a bit odd to me (There's an evil creature that's eating the entire universe... and only alchemy and the distilled life force of seven dead people from seven unrelated planets are able to stop it? What's so special about them?)

But I do have a lot of complaints that keep this from being perfect:

1) Gathering ingredients when you run out of them is a major pain and really breaks up the gameplay when your progression is suddenly halted by having to backtrack just for some random ingredient. Here I am wanting to repair a ship and I'm missing the little blue gem things ("blazestones")... Since I'm out of them, I can't look them up in my inventory anymore and while it doesn't actually matter, I can't remember what they're called. The real question is where do I get those again? So I ran through all of Elaris to go find some. A reminder of where each ingredient can be found in abundance would be nice. Or perhaps make all potions be infinite, but with cooldowns for some of them (i.e. health potions)

2) A lot of the potions seemed to be very limited in use and come up rarely (and unexpectedly). The infinite potions were fine, but the potions you drink tended to be "Oh, darn, this one ledge is just too high. Let me make a potion that lasts for a minute and waste it on just one jump." or "This computer is just too tough for me. Better drink a potion just to read its one message." I.e. There wasn't a time when I needed lots of high jumps in a row, just sections where I needed a single high jump. And of course that's if you even have that potion. Good luck if you need to go find the ingredients. This makes any of these obstacles into intentional wastes of my time / ingredients.

3) If you die, all of the potions you used since your last save are not refunded. So if you were in a boss fight and used up all of your healing potions and still died, then you won't have any healing potions for the second round so you need to either hope you've magically gotten better at fighting the boss, or need to backtrack to find more ingredients.

4) Navigating the potions mid-fight with only Q and E is pretty annoying and at least for me was prone to error. More than once was I trying to switch back to the fire potion only to have switched to my health potion instead and wasted it at full health. Shortcuts to the different potions might have been helpful.

5) The invisibility potion says it makes you invincible. That's not true (or at least not on the final boss... haven't tried elsewhere)

6) I felt somewhat disappointed at how few potions I could make. Only twelve potions out of twelve ingredients seems low when there are a total of 220 possible combinations.

7) You should disable the combinations of the infinite potions after you've made one of them, or at least make it more obvious that it is infinite from the potion mixing page. I was annoyed when I wasted all of my ingredients just making the freeze potions only to find out they were infinite already.

8) I noticed a few times there were areas that would need a high jump to get to, and have an ingredient or two up there... Why would I want to spend three ingredients to get less than three ingredients? Are you trying to trick me?

I like this a lot. The music and art style blend excellently and compliment the more subdued and somewhat cumbersome combat system. The world feels well realized and explore-worthy. I personally don't mind backtracking, either. Good length. All that stuff.

That said, I've got one complaint: I'm having an issue with my buttons sticking. Every single key, one out of every four or five presses runs the risk of sticking so the action continues after I've released. I see there are a few other reviewers with some keyboard issues as well.

I plugged in a controller but had the same problem, so I know it's not cheeto dust under my keys.

I was able to continue when I switched laptops (from Acer with Windows to a Macbook, if that helps). So that could be bug to look into, (possibly platform or browser related?) or maybe just one of my laptops is shitty. Heads up, anyway. And great work, otherwise.


Can't jump the the right while moving.
Not going to play as I'm sure this will make most of the game very frustrating or impossible.