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Reviews for "Neopede"

I don't think I'll be able to look at centipede the same way ever again.

Vibe13 responds:

I hope you mean that in a good way :)

I've always thought centipede was a deceptive game: it looks really cute with all those garden critters running around, but the gameplay is deadly focused shmup action.

WOW! Super cool and way too addicting of a game. Graphics are great, movement is smooth and visually very appealing. I do wish the power-ups would last longer but I am glad this is a mouse game versus using a keyboard. So as a game to come back to and play (again and again), this has recently become one of my favorites. OUTSTANDING PLAY!

Vibe13 responds:

aw thanks man! glad you liked it.

Maybe the power-ups do stop too quickly: I wanted to keep it a bit 'frantic' - I may have gone too far.

Just like ANY of your games, another perfect piece! It gets hard as hell but that's the trick, right?
Since old-school memories have been brought up by someone else, I just go saying, I would have bought it - just like Vectrix and Vector Rush!

Vibe13 responds:

I'm still struggling to get the difficulty curve right in my games: I'm old-school like you say, and that means making it hard. But then casual games tend to be a lot easier these days.

I'm trying to make something for everyone by starting out easy and then getting a lot more difficult - but I don't feel like I've managed to get the balance right yet.

Had a helluva time getting all those medals. The game really picks up after level 10 with all the powerups and enemies filling the screen, my only beef is that the ship moved at half the speed of my mouse, thanks for putting in fullscreen otherwise it would have been insanely frustrating because of the ships speed.

Vibe13 responds:

Yeah I spent most of my time testing it in fullscreen mode. I did double check all the medals are possible (even in window mode), but it was difficult even for me.

I made the first 10 levels pretty easy 'cuz "hey this is a casual game", and some people like it that way!

This game has a great design and power ups and everything, but it is very boring somehow. 3,5

Vibe13 responds:

3.5 seems more than fair to me - so I'm happy with that.
I agree it's lacking that 'something' which might keep you coming back for more, but I'm ok with it being a simple short term distraction.