Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

I absolutely had no idea on most of the paintings introduced here. Yet I got 24 on my first try :)
I was thinking of every word and so I tried to match the given titles with the few artists/paintings I know.
This has reminded me of my last days with Microsoft Encarta's fantastic articles, man I love/miss that Encyclopedia :)
Also like bagofbutts has mentioned down below in his comment, I had the same reaction when I saw Steve Jobs Apples.
That was a fucking good joke, I laughed my ass of xDDDDD <--- see---> xDDDDDD
Anyway it was pretty nice done that I can't figure out how to give any artistic critic xDD

Really great! Nice job on the painting parodies. Had a good laugh

i wish these were the real painting

Muy bueno Munguía, lo tenía pendiente de jugar. La calidad gráfica es realmente muy buena, me guardé algunos por cierto.