Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

Well that was pretty awesome! I wish the game could have been longer. I also wish there was an in game gallery, even if just the paintings in the game. I did go to the on-line gallery and found it difficult to navigate and annoying that it automatically rotated. I enjoyed the music that you had in game, but it would have been nice to have a mute button. My favorite was the parody of 'The executions of the third of may, 1808', hands down, it tickled me. I didn't notice until the end of the game that you could view the originals, it would have been kind of nice if that had been pointed out earlier. I was fine without it, but I wouldn't have felt like I was guessing on anything. Overall, though, i have to say I loved it. It was great fun and I am glad that I was introduced to your art. 5 stars all the way!

Munguia responds:

Thanks for playing and for your time on this coment, im glad you like em, a secuense of the game will be good to include another 30 paintings, the game it self is a gallery, you can view all paintings even if you pick all the time the wrong answer, you can play over and over just to compare the originals with the parodies.
You can look for more of my paintings and drawings on Flickr


Good general review for me considering I have the final next week. Cool artwork and parodies of the originals.

Good game I like it very much

Fun Game

can u make Famous Paintings Parodies 6?