Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

Great work, unique "game" for teaching art and artists, big thanks! Would love to see a sequal with the rest of pictures. As mentioned in the text, there is more? Here we go!?

Loved it. There were some paintings I just didn't know and some I didn't recognize at first but the glasses were helpful. I'm glad I didn't notice them at first. I think perhaps they should be unlocked only after the first run. Great choice of paintings in general and a fantastic job parodying them. Some had more of the originals in them than the originals themselves. :) One more problem: too few paintings!

Im laughing so much :D

That was really fun, and challenging, very well done.

i loved it very much and in the spanish version you put a reference to a argentinian rock song, are you from argentina?

Munguia responds:

Hi firepyro47, thanks for play and comment, Im not Argentinian Im Costarrican, but i really love their Rock, im a real fan of Charly Garcia, Soda Stereo, Spinetta... the latinoamerican Classics