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Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"


Very creative and funny game, testing art knowledge in a humor way. I like it!

This is a very creative game that is well made with Stencyl. I'm a lover of art, so it was extremely cool to see someone make a game about famous artworks. For the creative part, it was very artistic to make little parody paintings and put them into this game to make getting the right answer more difficult (if people didn't view the real paintings to get a better hint anyway). The two flaws I see with this game is that it's laggy and I would sometimes have to click more than once for the buttons to work (you did make it in Stencyl so it was kind of unavoidable). Nonetheless, I hope you keep on making creative games!

I really like this game but...can you make it less bad for children? I don't care but if kids play it? Sorry I don't care but just an update.

- Brodan27mc

Having had a score of 28 (thought that would be pretty non-interesting so rest wouldn't get read which is also I explained this..Just imagine a Christopher Walken voice) I can safely say it got me addicted, 100/100 , Cheese/Cheese , Useless review / useless review.