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Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

I absolutely had no idea on most of the paintings introduced here. Yet I got 24 on my first try :)
I was thinking of every word and so I tried to match the given titles with the few artists/paintings I know.
This has reminded me of my last days with Microsoft Encarta's fantastic articles, man I love/miss that Encyclopedia :)
Also like bagofbutts has mentioned down below in his comment, I had the same reaction when I saw Steve Jobs Apples.
That was a fucking good joke, I laughed my ass of xDDDDD <--- see---> xDDDDDD
Anyway it was pretty nice done that I can't figure out how to give any artistic critic xDD

Awesome game so sad i missed this exposition here in Brasil was it in Rio or São Paulo?
PS: happy that my small knowledge puts me at universal art lover!!

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play, i think it was in Sao Paulo, Patio for EcoCartoon 2011 http://www.humorgrafico.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/Imagen_obra/archivo_obras/346/grito%20del%20mono%203_0.jpg

Cool game. Awesome!

Fantastic game! I really loved that it makes you think and actually learn the names of these famous works of art, along with quite a few jokes thrown in (the "Apples- Steve Jobs" answer really made me laugh.) You have a very interesting style, I wonder how big you painted these? And although the music isn't bad, you should include the option to mute it, that's the only criticism I have.

fue tremendo! no sabia que hubiesen tales obras y a hora me da curiosidad por buscarlas. son geniales, me encanto la ultima cena con heman, el santo y el chapulin colorado XD la musica le dio buen ambiente y me encanta que este en ambos lenguajes, buen juego :D Sobretodo que esas obras impresionistas, cubistas, surrealistas, y de otros maestros reimaginadas fueron las que me inspiraron a ser artista, voy a jugarlo de nuevo :D

Munguia responds:

Gracias Imp-beast, a mi el chapulín y todo lo de Chespirito me ha inspirado en la vida tanto o más que cualquier artista clásico, la parodia del superheroe, hacer de Shakespiere relajiento y no olvidar a los chavitos me ha marcado, gracias por jugar y comentar, buena nota.

Thanks Imp-beast, To me el Chapulín Colorado and everything Chespirito has done inspired me in life as much or more than any classical artist, the parody od superhero, the relajiento Shakespiere and never forget the "Chavitos" really shaped me, thanks for playing and comment, good note.