Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

Bah! I got a score of 1030 xD Idk if it's built in or if it was intended for the extra clicks because the game plays along with the extra check marks x)

Munguia responds:

Thank you liljoel, the bug you reported is fixed now,

Okay, I really liked the game. The idea and everything in itself is worthy of a 5/5. However *short pause* I found a major bug... On my third try I got a perfect score of (get this) 270 points thanks to a bug (kindly pointed out by shittingradish) which is achieved by clicking several times on the same right answer. Notice that this can be done limited amount of time in each question, but it's never the same amount of times. I hope you will be looking into this, since it makes the score system worthy of mockery. I'd also like to point out that some answers are not in capital letters and some use full names while others don't. All that aside, this is a great game that I'd recomend to anybody who has any interest in art whatsoever. Anyway, great game and kudos on the amazing art! Saludos desde Argentina!

Munguia responds:

Thank you Che Manuel, thanks for playing and point out the bug on scoring, the new version has improve it, thanks

great game, very cool, educative, and very, entertaining!
i got 26 on my first try, but that was because i confused the ''sunday afternoon'', and the ''lunch with rowers'' with each-other, and that i got a few mistakes on the couple painting on the first question.
i was glad to find that you've added the rarely shown (in games that is) ''saturn eats his child'' by goya, or the really cool work of dali, ''perception of memory'', or even the big wave(thats rarely seen on games, AND on TV).
great works, o love the arts and drawings of goya, botticeli, van ayk, raphael, rembrandt, vermeer, picasso, dali, velasquez, matis, klimt and so many more!
great work, and great job on educating people about art, in an entertaining way! bravo!

on my second try, i got it all. 30/30
great game, and alot of fun.

saque 111 puntos, si le clicas muchas veces a la respuesta correcta te da mas puntos :/

I absolutely had no idea on most of the paintings introduced here. Yet I got 24 on my first try :)
I was thinking of every word and so I tried to match the given titles with the few artists/paintings I know.
This has reminded me of my last days with Microsoft Encarta's fantastic articles, man I love/miss that Encyclopedia :)
Also like bagofbutts has mentioned down below in his comment, I had the same reaction when I saw Steve Jobs Apples.
That was a fucking good joke, I laughed my ass of xDDDDD <--- see---> xDDDDDD
Anyway it was pretty nice done that I can't figure out how to give any artistic critic xDD