Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

It is a fun game that helps helps you to learn more about art (if you wasn't interested in it before). There's one bug though. You can click rapidly on the right answer to increase your score.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for the bug report, now the new version is updated the bug is fixed.

So what did the art thief say when he successfully robbed the Louvre yet his getaway vehicle ran out of gas one block away? "I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh".

Boy, the maker of this thing sure likes to toot his own horn, bragging about where his parodies have been displayed and whatnot. Oh REALLY, they've been displayed in countries all over the world, huh. How delightfully vague. Where in those countries, I have to wonder, on the walls of bathroom stalls?

This is quite the offbeat game, yet you've made it really fun to play along with helping the player learn some things about the art pieces as well. Great stuff!
I really enjoyed the parodies, hilarious.
The music is also an interesting choice, and that somehow fits just right as well.
I would love to see more games like this from you down the road.
Keep up the amazing work!

my rectum still throbs with excitement

this game has but one flaw
anyone can google the artworks names to see which is most similar

The game is scraping perfection, but not quite there yet.
At least with me (windows xp using google chrome) none of the menu buttons work, except the ">"button, the "?" button and ,inside the previous, the "<" button. Wich means, I can't see the forementioned gallery, wich is a bit frustrating.
As for the art itself, it's witty and well drawn. It's just the game that needs tweaking.

Munguia responds:

you need to unlock the anti pop ups windows from your google chrome, any way you can take a look into the virtual gallery following this link
Thanks for playing and comment