Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies"

It was very interesting and nice to see the parodies of famous paintings. I was doing my art homework before this so I recognized some works and that made me pretty happy ^^ Keep up the good work~

its kinda cool but the only one i don't get is: THE NAKED MOJO!

Great game. I'm a Mastermind!

I also have to nerdily interject that "Whistler's Mother" is actually named "Arrangement in Black and Grey", since the fact the woman is his mother (and it actually is) is unimportant to the painting, since Whistler was an aesthete and only cared about the painting's color, compositions, use of space, etc. and not about meaning or context.

Being an artist, you likely already knew that, and you went with the appropriate choice considering it is more popularly known as that, but it's a fun bit of trivia that might be useful if you were ever to, say, make a sequel or a higher difficulty setting.


Universal Art Lover

Balck & Yellow by Wiz Kalifa. This one killed me.