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Reviews for "Devious Plot"

Thanks Mittsies for making this cool playthough+animation!
Love to follow you, add you, like you and such!
I'll probably make fanart and probably comment away on your other stuff! <3
Lol meet you all on Tweeter~!f <3<3<3
Also the options are so awesome in the playthrough too! ^^
Nightmare Moon x Chrysalis make a really good shipping lol
Love your style and sense of humor in this...

Not necessarily my thing, but the animation is really smooth. You are a fantastic animator. Also, @Awesomeguy8990, Zonesama's a guy. He voices the guy voices in the ZTV News videos (I think).

Well... certainly was interesting...
I have no words however...
4.5 stars!

It was definately good but the quality wasn't as good as your other works. This is understandable, considering the size of it. It was made very well. Worth the wait.

I don't get how someone can leave a bad revew just on the basis of religion. If you don't agree with it, just leave a low rating and don't review it