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Reviews for "Devious Plot"


Damn, this is good.

need a new pc but still an awesome vid and the multi ending makes it must replay

im sure you already know this, but you are one of the best adult animators on newgrounds, right up there with zone sama and shadman(well technicly whoever animates shadwork when he collabs, think its spazkid but idk if he is here on newgrounds)

Regardless your epicly talented, any plans for other anthros besides the lovely ponies? (well these are not really anthros, but you know what i mean)

Mittsies responds:

Ah thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my work. I'm don't think I'm nearly as good as those two but I'll take the compliment anyways, I do try to be somewhat entertaining.

As far future animations go, the best source of information right now is probably Tumblr. The majority of my work will be based on ponies but don't be surprised if a few other things pop up here and there.

o-oh my i made a mess~ >//<