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Reviews for "Devious Plot"

awsome i love how it whent with the beat.

I don't get how someone can leave a bad revew just on the basis of religion. If you don't agree with it, just leave a low rating and don't review it

I liked this but I honestly didn't think it was as good as your others, and while it may not be fair when placed with a point of comparison I can't help but feel this could have been better in some ways. perhaps it was going through much dialog to reach ending that were not that unique and, quite frankly, very predictable, but the animations felt a bit unfulfilling in some way.
All in all 4/5 for being good but not quite as could have been

This is mostly quite a great flash,I rate 5.

My damnd PieCe of shit cant handle , but anyway, I know your work, and I do know you too damn good, I NEED MORE!!