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Reviews for "Devious Plot"

The story side was fun, but the dialouge got boring the tenth time around.
The movie side seemed like a love story. An R-rated love story.

I've been watching your videos back-to back.
This is one of the sexiest, right behind AppleQuest.

Not necessarily my thing, but the animation is really smooth. You are a fantastic animator. Also, @Awesomeguy8990, Zonesama's a guy. He voices the guy voices in the ZTV News videos (I think).

dude you have great talent and potential bit you waste it all on pony porn and futa-girls what the fuck man? i mean really you should do a hentai of something normal

huh, its been a while since you did a lesbian clop.... I have to say, you really didn't need practice did you?
while the animation isn't bad, I do wish more choices could have been made. well thanks for the game anyways.

Best R34/Hentai Makers are
tiarawhy(whos accually a girl)
zonesama(a girl either)
and pokehidden
and shadman