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Reviews for "Hodge/Podge Transformer"

Didn't play it all (too lazy today)
I just think it's a great game. You can decrease or increase or mute sound. Just amazing (hard to find)
I love the dialogs, unfortunately i'm not a native speaker so philosophic language escapes my understanding.
Great game, and the music is scary as hell.

theres someting wrong with the final door i cant open it with any combination

Oh my, it's been quite some time since you've uploaded anything new.
This is quite a treat!
I really enjoyed Majesty of Colors and Babies Dream, and this one as well.
I knew there was something familiar about the style of this game before I glanced down at the credits.
Glad to see that you're still making games.
Keep up the great work!

None of these puzzles are immensely hard if you simply listen to what people are saying and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Terrible fears are conquered by speaking to people.
The Dumper knows something important.
One room's puzzle's solution is in another room.
The show must go on.
The buttons in front of the torches must be stepped on in the right order. People on the left will give you critical hints as to what order that is. You know, after the elements have been engendered.

its a great game, but i'm fairly certain that the final door ,where you have to step on the buttons to open, is broken (assuming that the combination is prickle,boom,sweet,pungent,orange). anyway, all in all its worth at least 5 stars