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Reviews for "Hodge/Podge Transformer"

Liking the graphical style and the sound, they make this game have a pretty artistic, psychedelic, creepy feel to it, just the way I like it.

The gameplay is weird, but that's not bad. The puzzles are at times intelligent and complex, and at times introspective and thinking material. Everything is well programmed and works fine as well, so that's pretty cool.

The storyline is interesting, very cerebral and thought provoking. I like how complex a situation the game attempts to portray, with the implication that reality as we percieve it is an illusion, and that causality itself might not work the same way in non-physical universes, and that our very perception of reality depends on our biological makeup. The problem is that it's just too, TOO SLOW, and that gets annoying at times.

Also, sometimes the story is outright terrifying, like, philosophical horror (instead of psychological horror, heh).

My biggest complaint is too much text, too much of it, and it annoyed me after a while. And most of it is some crazy metaphysical and philosophical stuff that could be summed up to something less tedious.

Given the description of the full game, I think I'll dislike it, since it's based on sin, and I don't believe in this kind of religious construct. Sorry, you didn't make a buyer of me.

Great to play in the dark. Fun puzzles. Intriguing dialogue. Good sense of humor.

The screen height was a bit larger than my browser screen and I often had to scroll up or down to read dialogue while looking at something else, which is a pretty small thing to bitch about, except that it didn't seem to have any purpose serving the game and just as easily could have been regular size.


Plato would be proud.

too much dialogue and not enough visuals for this style of game

spoilers (kind of)
whoever came up with the dialogue for the torches puzzle at the end messed up
"boom follows after pungent"
do you know what follows means?
when somebody says B follows A in the alphabet, they mean that B comes immediately after A

if you are going to use that 'follows' phrase, at least use it without creating a convoluted mess of a final puzzle

I may have pissed myself when I saw that you uploaded a new game. But maybe I didn't? Who knows what happens to my britches any more. I think my conceptual window is off-tilt.