Reviews for "FPS Shooter Test"

Well, there's not much to rate here, it's a demo version after all - but I liked the animation and firing sound, as I felt it's a real gun I'm shooting and not just an ASG. I'm waiting for the full game!

Ummmm, the handling of the gun is good. the appearance of the stickman and the targets being shot and going down are good, but after that, is there anything else? seems like a waste. add a timer, multiple ringed target for points, bad guys popping out randomly from obstacles to shoot and kill you, and/or a quickdraw feature. 1 sec, 1 shot, from a un ready position. pick up the gun, aim and fire.

seemless animation 3/5, lack of features and gameplay, 2.5 stars

Pretty good for just a start, keep working and this might be an awesome game.