Reviews for "Drop The Block"

Поздравляю с релизом!

Curly-Sue responds:


Good game, but "sometimes all you need is luck" and it's really grinding my gears

I love this game! The music and art are simple and beautiful! Good job.

Nice game!
A different type of puzzle game. The art-style is simple and soothing. Music is apt to the game. The puzzles are good but not so difficult. Game mechanics and physics are very balanced. Include some medals next time.
In totality, a very nice game by the author. Keep up the good work!

Curly-Sue responds:

Thank you very much)

You find it easy? I tried that level with the message saying that the solution isn't always obvious, and was stuck for ages until miraculously I managed to get the ball to not roll back too far. It was hard.
Also the game lags a bit for me. The "solution" button doesn't work for me either. Help please?

Curly-Sue responds:

get the solution on youtube)
Can you please describe you problem with solution button, i asked my friend to try open the solution and nobody run into bug, maybe you should check you security settings?
Sorry if my English was bad