Reviews for "Breaking Dad"

I knew it I was like hes about to gallagher this freaking fluffy tailed rat, that shit is choice.

Solid animation and voice acting. Pace was slow, but appropriate for the joke.

All your stuff is solid. Funny and great animation. Thanks!

Justifiable homicide
This isn't squirrel murder, it's a rodent and serves no purpose except to cause harm to trees, smaller animals and your house. Sure you can argue they plant seeds and trees are created, however birds do that as well but at a higher level. In the spring time food hasn't developed and you'll see these monsters eat anything from tree buds to smaller animals. Have you ever seen a squirrel sucking the marrow out of a chicken bone after it has gotten into your trash, have you ever seen them raiding bird nests for eggs? I have and I care little for these evil creatures, though if they fall in the cute rule I have no problem with them. EG flying squirrels, chipmunks and last the European red squirrel.
Last I need mention the squirrel will get into your attic and store food which causes filth, they also get into the chimney as well. They can also mess up foundations and chew through electrical wires sometimes resulting in a dead animal in your wall or attic, not a pleasant smell.

Wow I went off on a rant there sorry, this video hit a nerve with me. This hit home emotionally for me, good animation, captivating build up, well toned music, good sync voice over, dark humor as always but overall the message it delivered. 5/5