Reviews for "Breaking Dad"

This had nothing to do with Breaking Bad, I was disappoint.

I have to give you a 5/5 just for the animation and voice acting work alone. The plot itself is kinda funny, but.. not really? I just expected a better joke at the end I guess.

so your dad actually did this minus the bloodshed?

Sykohyko responds:

we literally have like 5 "owls" sitting in our yard

this is great!
but i think for timing reasons it would have been better if the moment where the guy jumps out of the bush would have been shorter. you see, the point of all this is in exactly that scene, but somehow the surprise was spoiled because of the "long" jumping-out.
can you see what i mean?
a good example for the timing i'm talking about would be happy harry's "a slice of action".

keep up the good work!

Sykohyko responds:

I know exactly what you mean. It's actually how I first pictured it, but when I started animating it I got carried away in making it all epic.

very funny, made me laugh