Reviews for "Spaceman 2023"

just 712 views but many people vote it because many like this game :D


Pretty fun game, and it has some cool music too.
The graphics are solid too. They remind me a lot of Scribblenauts, which is a good thing!
Anyway, good job on this fun game.
Keep up the great work!

Fun game! I like how the different weapons all require different strategies to use, and how you can use some of them on yourself as well. Good graphics, smooth controls, it's all good! Now all that's missing are the medals. Keep it going!


It's pretty good. Cute animations and upbeat music. Nice weapon variety. I played through to the end.

For the sake of whine, I found that the physics messed with some of the puzzles a little bit (like you might still fuck up even if you have the right solution because something fell in the right spot but then kept sliding or whatever). The difficulty curve could also use some smoothing out.

But overall, a nice pass-time.