Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

You just keep me hooked now don't ya ;)

good work, as always

Again amazing piece of work! I enjoy watching these, and cannot wait to see how it continues! Superb animation, smooth, crisp, and inventive. You pull out all the stops in telling the story. This is truly a joy to watch, even in a different language your actions come across loud and clear.

OH MY GOD! New year came erlier!

Good lord. Ninja Action. The simplest title. I was not expecting this 12 minute insanity trip. There are so many things to like about this. I know that no submitted work is beyond criticism, but seriously, anyone who gives this a low score and doesn't justify it with well thought out observations should just piss off and get VD. Amazing work, and a true labor of love. Thanks SO MUCH for uploading.

If you press play, be prepared! You will not be able to look away for approximately 12 minutes