Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

This is probably the most fluid fighting choreography I've seen since the days of Xiao Xiao. That's saying a lot. I also like how you switch up your music in different scenes, your clever inserts of comedy in certain scenes. It's serious, but it doesn't take itself too serious. I'm going to go back and look at your earlier stuff. Great job!

We need to just get this on Kickstarter and do a full game! This would be the most awesome sidescroller of all time!

I really love that creepy BA green dude that just won't die. He was awesome

Epic video. Too bad the blue zombie guys got killed, he was awesome. I really loved him :(
Awesome video. Awesome.

YAY that thing became his ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow its awesome that the girl and the man appears randomly and help him.but its awesome!CAN'T WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE!Its awesome that the mutant became his friend

XD its hilarious now this i like