Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

Possibly one of the most epic things I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful, sir.


As I think this can be in fact a story about time travel. I see modern weapons like HK MP5 or M16, futuristic tech, Resident Evil-styled research of Nazi Germany. The first movie was in clearly contemporary setting. But in the second we see Nazi soldiers with their MP40, but the setting obviously looks more technologicaly advanced than WWII. And there is Russian TV cast. And if this WWII how a ninja from present days can be there.
He is Russian.
He is a martial arts and weapons expert (just like Hank J Wimbleton)
And he is a time traveller.

Or as I can suppoze, Nazis invented their own time machine, travelled to future, took modern and futuristic stuff and actually won WWII and conquered at least USSR, or even the whole world.
In this situation where all countries were united into the single Third Reich empire it transformed into some sort of Combine from Half Life 2. Germans became a high caste of the new society where "non-aryan" nationalities were just workers. But there is a some sort of Resistance, maybe even with their own time machine.

i need more!!! xD

verryyy extreme coolll

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