Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

Absolutely beautifully done. You guys pulled off one of the best 2 VS More team combos I've seen. And they're difficult to do, because it can be difficult to focus on just one at a time and it usually takes twice as long to animate. Especially when one affects the other. The graphics are incredible, the music is catchy, the choreography is insane, and the characters are memorable (found myself going "oh, it's him again!" several times). It was funny! It was wild!

It was Ninja Action!

BEST one so far, it wa really twisted when you added all the Monsters! so if you cn get to e, what is the story of the ninja??

the animation is very smooth and fluid and the effects are amazing! gotta love it!

When the hell are you going to make a game of this!?

Wow that scene where the ninja is fighting in front of a bright light was awesome looking. I'm jealous of your talent! Keep it ip man!