Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

this is awesome but may i have a question? isnt that fly-kind finale fighter the blue ghetto thug from the "Ninja Action 1"?!!

Wow such a hugh work and professional work !! i love fights !

Man it's just all OF MY YES AND 5 STARS, no cheap animation, movement is fluid, crazy history! It's just funny how that mutant helps the ninja whne they are trying to kill themselves. I'm waiting for the next one to come

Fucking good I have seen it two times and it isnt boring at all i thing i watch it again.
I know this is mutch work but please more.

This was SO awesome I can't even begin to DREAM on making something like this. As epic the choreography was and the gun play even the cliffhanger ending I have only 1 question in mind.

at 5:15 Why did the guy (I don't remember his character name if you gave him one) change the hour on the clock? As out of place it seems I find it interesting that he did. Was there something special about that time?