Reviews for "Ninja Action - 4"

one of the best flash movies i've seen yet
u must continue the series, that last fighting scene i love the most
much love

I loved everything about this . The fighting, Backround music, and so much more ! I loved how you used the surroundings well and the smoothness of the video . Great job, keep up the amazing work !

love the series but i cant tell if its in russian or german, but also what is the dubstep song in the fight with the robot its awesome

Didn't excpected tha lamp thing P:, it's a great piece of animation, I think it must be really hard and delayable, keep the excelent work!!!

YAY that thing became his ally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow its awesome that the girl and the man appears randomly and help him.but its awesome!CAN'T WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE!Its awesome that the mutant became his friend