Reviews for "Super Skydiving Santa"

Well i got al the achievments, MISSION ACOMPLISH!

VashTS88 responds:


A very simple and fun game!
Everything about the game is quite great. The art-style is good. Music is really awesome.
Gameplay is very simple yet very entertaining. Only thing is that there should have been more stuff in it. More obstacles, more medals... maybe stages, bosses etc.
Nevertheless, a great game by the author. Hoping for a better and bigger sequel next Christmas. Merry Christmas!

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you! Yeah I was planning on adding more stuff but I ran out of time! Maybe next Christmas Skydiving Santa will be back :D

Nice and challenging game! The graphics are beautifull and the gameplay is very addicting!

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you!!

This is a great holiday flash.
The pop punk audio is a great rendition of the Rudolph song, and kept me pumped to grab those presents!
I enjoyed the upgrades and earning the medals as well.
My only complaint is that I wish the game were longer and that there was more of a variety of obstacles and upgrades.
Anyway, great game and I hope to see another like it next year!

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you! I wanted to make it longer and more diverse but I ran out of time! Maybe next year in part 2 :)

This is really nice, I loved the music and gameplay. One problem, the game is repetitive and gets boring in a short amount of time. It just needs more! More upgrades, more good things to collect (other than presents and invincibility snowballs), more bad stuff to dodge (other than bombs and missiles) The game would be much more fun if you added more.