Reviews for "Super Skydiving Santa"

SANTA belief he can fly

VashTS88 responds:

he believes he can touch the sky :D

okay played it for long (saved total 3437 gifts, not a lot compared to the new highscores) here is my opinion:

The Graphics: Well, i know its really hard to do those kind of graphics its a lot of hardwork to do that

Music and Sounds: The music was excelent, i liked it, almost sang along with the music :D, also the game got 2 sounds, not a lot but at least got sounds

Gameplay: I like how the story is to grab gifts, evading Bombs,Missiles and UFOs while the dificulty gets progesively higher, thats a good balance for me, something simple but Entertaining and Adictive good work with that, but it also gets a little repetitive

Upgrades: Well it know its not Easy to code it but the game would use some extra powerups, like extra invincibility, and more 10 gift %

Instructions: Well there where not a lot of instructions, first i tought that the invincibility shield was bad

If you plan on making a Super Skydiving Santa 2 you're welcome, the game its great, while not perfect its Entertaining and Adictive
So my final score is: Rate 5/5 Stars * * * * 1/2 ( 4.5 Stars )

VashTS88 responds:

Thanks for playing and your extensive review! Maybe I'll make part 2 next year :D

Great little game, I got all the medals

1. Music
2. Gameplay
3. Difficulty progression
4. Upgrade system
5. High score system

1. There could have been a more detailed Instructions, such as what the glowing blue circles did

1. Once, my mouse jumped out of the game and cost me a life. Not sure if this is just a browser problem though.

VashTS88 responds:

Thanks for your review! Your feedback helps me improve

This was a fun game, simple idea, intuitive controls, a good balance between challenge and upgrades, and plenty of rewards with both highscores and medals. Nice work!


VashTS88 responds:

Thank you!

I loved this song

VashTS88 responds:

Yes, its great! check the artist web (it's in the main menu)