Reviews for "[US]SR"

I don't think a lot of people understood the message and meaning behind this game, the point isn't to be an action or a shooter, the point isn't to be a war conquering hero, it's not supposed to be a game where you play as the main guy but instead it's one where you see what the hero does from the sidelines while you're powerless and too weak to do anything to help. Worse, you're an afterthought.

WTF? Just going left and right to survive or screw the whole thing? Seriously? And also the commander in the tank said to use numbers to change weapons. There are NO weapons here. Why the fk did you even add that part?


я блин охренительно полз целый час, надеясь что что-то произойдет. честно, лучше бы я бегал на заднем плане и мочил фрицов, а баба ползла бы на переднем плане и обламывалась

I like the idea of it, but not much of a game.